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Our Programs

We offer progressive Adult Ballet Courses & Dance/Fitness for Absolute Beginners and Returning Recreational Dancers.

Offered in Group Classes and in Private Sessions.

Our Programs are designed to make you the best Dancer you can be!

Mix and match your classes based on your busy schedule, goals and current level 💃

WE OFFER LIVE VIRTUAL (BL@HOME) & IN-STUDIO CLASSES SIMULTANEOUSLY! Dance from the comfort of home, anywhere in the world!

Intro/1 - Intro/Beginner

Has it been a while since you last slipped on your dancing shoes?

Are you totally new to this?

Not to fear, that’s exactly why we offer Introductory (Level 1) classes!

Even if you have dance experience, this is usually the best place to start. Review technique basics, get reacquainted with the language, and build a solid foundation from which you can fly!

Level 2 - Elementary

This Elementary level class is for adults who have completed at least two semesters of (Intro/1) BL ballet training and are ready to build on the foundation with an expanded movement vocabulary.

Students must be comfortable with basic ballet terminology and steps.

Class prerequisite: 1-2 years of recent ballet training.

Level 2/ 3 - Elementary/Intermediate

This Elementary/Intermediate class is for students who have a good understanding of ballet terminology and technique, and are ready to put more steps together and learn small combinations.

Class prerequisite: 3 years of recent ballet training.

Level 3 - Intermediate

This Intermediate class is designed for those who have solid working knowledge of ballet technique and can process more complicated sequences.

Ideal for those who wish to do a medium to fast paced class, and challenge themselves further with more elaborate steps and combinations.

Class prerequisite: 4 years of recent ballet training as an adult

Level 4 - Advanced

This Advanced class is directed towards long-time enthusiasts. It is required that you have a very strong background in ballet training in order to enjoy this fast paced and challenging class.

Class prerequisite: 5 years of recent ballet training as an adult, or for those who have danced at an Intermediate/Advanced level.

Ballet Fit®

Our Signature Adult Ballet Class created for that Rebellious Diva/o.

Teaching you proper technique, balance & form including: Barre Work, Jumps and Turns in the Centre -> while dancing to awesome house music!

Ballet Fit® follows the same progressive courses and levels as our BL Trad Ballet Classes. Please read our Levels for reference!

This Trademarked class is only available at Ballet Lounge!

BL Trad

The piano plays a funky tune, while softy serenading the body to move gracefully through each movement. Creating a fun environment to learn proper ballet technique and form. Perfect for classical music lovers!

Follows the same progressive courses and levels as our signature Ballet Fit® Classes.

BL Pre Pointe

With emphasis on correct alignment and ballet technique, we concentrate on strengthening those legs for days! Class focus will be on feet and ankle conditioning at the Barre, in the Centre and utilizing Thera-Bands. Soft ballet slippers are to be worn in this class.

Class Prerequisite: BL Level 2 and up. * We recommend taking the BL Adult Ballet Technique Class prior so you are properly warmed up and for injury prevention.

BL Pointe

This class is not for Beginners. Clients must be assessed and approved by our BL Instructors in order to safely participate.

All exercises will focus on building strength in the ankles and feet at the Barre and Centre. The decision of whether one is ready to go on pointe is determined by assessing the client’s strength and physical development.

* We encourage our Clients to take the BL Adult Ballet Technique Class prior to taking the pointe class for the safety of you and your body.


Explore other styles that compliment our Ballet Programming.

The Diva Jazzerina (Intro/1)

It's time to put that movement to the music and we mean it! If you can walk then you can dance. This class is all about body connection, gettin that sexy flexy on and 'Shinin bright like a Diamond'. All levels Welcome!

The Funky Jazzerina (Level 1/2)

This class is all about body connection, gettin that sexy flexy on and 'Shinin bright like a Diamond'.

Blending funk, hip hop, and elements of classical jazz.

This elementary level class is faster paced than our (Intro/1) and therefore not recommended for someone who is very new to Dance.

BL Lyrical (Level 1/2)

A class that combines Ballet + Movement to Melodic Music. Lyrical dance is Poetry in Motion with each step flowing from one to the next. Our BL Lyrical embodies various aspects of Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary + Modern. The technique is that of Ballet abiding by the rules of Turnout + Body Alignment. Express yourself and release all tensions of the day. All levels welcome!

BL Contemporary - Seasonally offered, check our Schedule

Contemporary is built upon the foundations of modern dance, with a focus on self-expression and musicality. This Rebellious form of dance allows students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes.

Get Ready to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, No Dance Experience Needed!

*This class is difficult to follow Virtually. In-Studio participation is encouraged*


Designed to improve your Cardio, Strength, Balance and Flexibility for Dance!

Bendy & Balanced Ballerinx

Take your dancing to the next level with this stretch and core class. Get into those hips, spines and legs to support your posture and form. Move and groove to the music, ironing out the kinks and getting a bit of core work in, too! Total support for your dance progress. No dance/ballet experience required!

BL Ballet Booty Barre

The Burn is real! This full-body, booty intensive ballet barre is all about fine tuning your ballerina/o muscle memory, so as to perfect your ballet technique. Challenge yourself to ballet-inspired moves so you can make leaps and bounds in your dance practice! No dance/ballet experience required!

BL Triple Threat (arms*core*booty)

Dare to become your own Triple Threat in the short but sweet Dance Conditioning Class. Worship your Temple; Twerk that Booty (wink), Crunch that Core and Build those Beautiful Ballet Arms all within 30 mins! No dance/ballet experience required!

The BL Dance Condition

Increase the Fun + Sparkle in your Fitness while Dancing/Sweating to short easy to follow Isolations creatively put together to get you Moving + Grooving, all the while improving your body's Strength, Balance and Flexibility. No dance/ballet experience required!

The BL Experience

The BL Experience is a fusion between our BL Condition & Bendy + Balanced Ballerina classes! Let's Strengthen, Lengthen and Shine in this all inclusive Dance/ Stretch/ Conditioning Class. Move + Groove to the music, ironing out the kinks and getting your Sweat On! No dance/ballet experience required!

The BL Dance Groove HIIT

Let's Sweat and Sparkle in this short but sweet Dance Conditioning Class. Groove + Sweat to these short easy to follow Dance Movements creatively put together to get you in that Spunky Mood. No dance/ballet experience required!

The BL Ballet HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training. Let's Sweat and Sparkle in this short but sweet Dance Conditioning Class. Worship your Temple; burn more calories, loose fat and increase your metabolic rate all within 30 mins!

No dance/ballet experience needed! No dance/ballet experience required!

Developed By Suzy Kaitman. Designed to teach you how to dance while improving your wellbeing & overall fitness

Suzy has a strong desire to help others feel powerful, confident and beautiful.

Specializing in Adult Ballet & Fitness, she created the BL Curriculum and Teaching Method based on her 20+ years of expertise working with thousands of clients varying in age and abilities.

Suzy created Ballet Fit® combining her passion of ballet, fitness and fun into choreographed harmony.

Her vision is to revolutionize the adult dance/fitness experience by creating an inclusive, safe and fun community, as well as provide high quality instruction that is accessible to everyone.



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All BL Programs Include:

Progressive Dance Technique Classes

Fitness/Dance Conditioning Classes

In-Studio & Virtual Classes

What Clients Say About Us

“I love the concept of the music in the Ballet Fit® classes! I absolutely adore that the community within this Dance Studio is positive and accepting. Adult Ballet Beginners are embraced and encouraged as they learn and grow.”


Mary. B,

Vancouver, BC

“Everyone at this Adult Ballet Studio are so friendly, and the teachers have a high level of expertise. They pay attention to all the details, and they give us great corrections in order to improve. Most importantly, they are so much fun to work with!!”


Kazuko. A,

Vancouver, BC

“Adult Ballet Classes give me a total workout with side benefits of coordination, brain exercise and grace. To be up for the challenge of pointe work and a conditioning class, shows me how far I’ve come. I’m curious to see how much stronger and balanced I can get!”


Alysoun. M,

Vancouver, BC

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